Tailored IT Solutions…Delivered Promptly!

Maahi continues to rise amidst the volatile market, by living up to its focus on “customer first”

Since its inception in 2016, Maahi Software Solutions has grown in leaps and bounds in the IT domain, delivering a plethora of web design, web development, mobile app development, and cloud solutions to its diverse clientele. Located in Canada, customer satisfaction has been the highest priority since day one, and continues to be the guiding light for company growth.

The company helmed by Mr. Harshal Patel is now gearing up for expanding its service horizons, sticking to its commitment to deliver personalized solutions that stand the test of time. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and platforms to the hilt, the team at Maahi continues to explore ingenious ways to resolve business issues and simplify processes through technology.

Mr. Patel’s extensive past history in the domain, since 2009, working with international clientele with both big and small firms, has served the company in good stead to address evolving gaps in business. The core focus of the company rests in the retail and eCommerce sector as the team of engineers and subject matter experts can utilize their vast expertise and experience to deliver the goods.

Maahi’s future prospects are geared towards the domain of cloud computing as more companies are willing to scale their resources flexibly in a secured manner. The company is keen to expand its branding services across varied sectors, primarily in the finance and healthcare sector.

Contact us to know how we can help you – create a new web or mobile application, deliver robust cloud applications, develop a brand-rich website, and even facilitate strong reach for our self-developed e-commerce portal – all ideas are now just a call away!